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Welcome to Radioleaks

Swedish Radio editors need your help in the process of examining those who have power over our lives and our money. Many of our most important audits come to the tips. Do you know something that we should review? Here you can safely tell all editors in the Swedish radio, whether it is the echo, Caliber, Science, Culture or a local channel.

Here is how to provide information

You can provide your information to different editorials within the Swedish Radio. For national editorials like the newsdepartment SR Ekot, Science, Arts & Culture or Saamiradio, choose Radioleaks Ekot by entering your information in the form below. To reach one of our 25 local radiostations all over Sweden, choose the one that is closest to you, or the one that is the most relevant to the content of your information. Choose local editorials here.

In the box below, enter your information, your story or a description of the files you want to send to the Swedish Radio Ekot.

NOTE! Never send files from a computer that you have no control over, for example. your work computer.

If you want to send files to Sweden's Radio, you can send documents, photos, videos or sounds. You can send one or more files at a time, but a maximum of three. Add file by clicking "Attach a file". Then a box will appear where you can find the file or files you want to send on your computer. Select and press OK. The file is then uploaded. The content is then encrypted and is ready to be sent to Sweden's Radio.

Contact details

You can be anonymous, but for us to be able to follow up on your tip we need to be able to contact you. Swedish Radio will never give up your identity to anyone.